NORDBERG play Progressive Rock. Many have made an effort to give an ex- pressive description of this style of music, yet none has ever provided a short and concise definition. As a matter of fact, Progressive Rock is very hard to explain in a word or two, so we won’t even try at this point either. Instead, we’d just like to point out that if you’re into bands like Yes, Genes- is, King Crimson, Rush, Marillion, Dream Theater, or Spock’s Beard (only to name some of the most popular), you will probably also enjoy NORDBERG’s music – and that’s the important thing!

Below you will find some information on NORDBERG’s musicians. Click on the pictures to learn more about each member.

Stephan Vidi - Guitar & Vocals Lisa-Maria Hesse - Keyboards & Vocals
Jens Ruwe - Drums Jan Dildei - Bass & Vocals