Welcome to the website of the German Progressive Rock band NORDBERG! We hope you enjoy the exploration of our virtual hideout.

Below you will find the latest news and information on the upcoming NORD- BERG shows.

There are no shows scheduled at the moment.

The merry month of May! As of now, the old demo snippets are no longer online. You'll find a total of four full-length NORDBERG songs in the media section instead. Praise and criticism in the guestbook are as always sincerely welcome. In addition, you'll find the lyrics to our latest song, Casual Poetry, here. Prog on! - Jan
In the link section you will now find a link to Vidi's new website, feat- uring various musical compositions, lessons for guitar players, and more. Surf by if you feel like it. Vidi will be glad! - Jan
Man, that was a cool show in Volkach! The Coolest up to now (with capital C!). Kick-ass vibes, hundreds of enthusiastic fans, a fantastic sound on stage ... You think I'm exaggerating? Right you are! Just a pack of lies. Could've been the full moon, though ... ;) - Jan

A happy new year to all of you! In the media area you will now find some impressions of our most recent show at the b-hof in Würzburg. Many thanks go to Stefanie Scherbel (Deutscher Jugendfotopreis 2006) for those great snapshots! - Jan
Apart from some minor sound complications, the gig at the b-hof went over smoothly. Many thanks again to those who attended, and to the b-hof team for the organization and technical support. As al- ways, your feedback in the guestbook is sincerely welcome. See you soon! - Jan
The "Mozilla Situation" is finally under control! Special thanks go to TMT Production's support team, that has put our codes to the acid test. - Jan
Long time no update, but now there's news: We once again have a rehearsal room, i.e. we'll be able to play another one or two shows this year. September and October will be pretty tight, but definitely mark down early November. Besides, the below announced prog event is hereby adjourned indefinitely (but not abandoned!). First, we couldn't come to an agreement with the chap that should have provided the location, and second, one of the scheduled bands has split up in the meantime. Well, such is a progger's life! - Jan
Bad News: The rental contract for our rehearsal room runs out this month, and we haven't found a suitable replacement yet. Needless to say, we hope that this circumstance won't thwart our gig sched- uling for this fall (details will follow here shortly). If somebody hap- pens to have a room for rent or rather knows someone who does, we'll of course be grateful for any tips. - Jan
Hot! Wet! (I'm talking about the weather of course, you piggies! ;) Thus telegraphese today: Vidi now officially endorser for company Mayones, Polish manufacturer of exclusive guitars. Stop. "Mozilla Situ- ation" still not under control, bounty still up. Stop. You know where. Stop. Prog on! - Jan
Those of you who use Mozilla/Firefox will probably have noticed that some elements of our website (especially the navigation bar) are dis- played incorrectly. Since we simply cannot come up with a solution to this problem, we now need your help. All web designers and html specialists are hereby whole-heartedly invited to participate in the problem solving. Not for nothing, of course: Whoever provides us with the vital clue first will get a stylish NORDBERG shirt (in black or navy-blue, yo!) and free admission to our next show. If you have any ideas, please report here. Thx and rock on! - Jan
As you might have noticed, our website is now available in German as well as in English (yeah!). In addition, you will find a number of small improvements - it's certainly worth your while to poke around a bit! Currently, we're busy composing - expect some new stuff for the up- coming NORDBERG shows. Sadly, there's also bad news: Due to scheduling problems, the planned prog event will not take place in July but will instead be delayed until September, presumably. Oh, and another one: We're cool! I always thought this was obvious, but Vidi said we should mention it here again ... ;) Prog on! - Jan
The show at the Café Cairo went over smoothly. A big THX once ag- ain to our mixer/engineer Olly for the great sound! We will spend the forthcoming weeks tinkering with new songs and further completing our demo. And lastly, presumably for July, a big prog event with two or three additional regional bands is in the planning stage. Look for- ward to it! - Jan
What comes around, goes around: 'Emma' is now officially included on the score of the filmlet 'Doppelschicht', made by Thommywood Productions. In addition, you will also get to hear a number of atmo- spherical tracks penned by Vidi. The premiere will be held on June 20th, 17:00, at the CinemaxX in Würzburg. So, if you like: Go there, watch, and listen - and afterwards come to see NORDBERG live at the Café Cairo! - Jan
As from today, our start page comes with a fresh face. Beside that, 'Emma' is now also internationally featured, namely here and here. If you'd like to support us, surf by at your leisure, download or stream the thing, and leave us a nice rating. Thx and rock on! - Jan
We are now featured on the Soundgarage page of radio Antenne Bayern. You will also find a rough-mix of 'Emma' there for listening and rating. The better the ratings, the higher we will climb in the charts (hint!). The higher our chart position, the more people will see and listen to us (hint, hint!!). - Vidi
It was great fun playing at the Emergenza semi-final yesterday! Great audience, terrific vibes!! A big THANK YOU to all of you who attended and brought the AKW! to a boil!!! - Vidi

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