Stephan Vidi
Began to play guitar at 16. An autodidact for the most part. He thinks the following about music: Music is great, fun, creative, fulfilling, sounds good, looks good and makes you sexy ... well, maybe ...
Instruments guitars, vocals
Date of Birth November 12th, 1974
The other members characterize him as follows Jan: "Japan"
Jens: "Oak"
Lisa: "Vidi Witty" / "Natural Multi-genius"
Musical Influences Guitar-wise everything started with Bon Jovi, then came Extreme, later Dream Theater and then … many others …

Musical influences: the above men- tioned plus Devin Townsend, Yes, Noa, Ritual, Branduardi, Europe, Ma- rillion, several classical composers, ethnic music … and many more …
All-Time-Favorites Each of the following records played an important role in my life at one point or another:

Angelo Branduardi – various
Bon Jovi – New Jersey
Extreme – Pornograffiti
Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni
Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
Europe – Out of this World
Dream Theater – Images and Words Marillion – Misplaced Childhood
Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine
Ritual – Ritual
Isildur’s Bane – Mind Vol. 3
Tan Dun – Tiger and Dragon
Equipment Guitars (all lefty models):
-Mayones Setius GTM-7 Custom equipped with Bareknuckle Pickups (Nailbomb bridge, Crawler neck) and Piezo
-Schecter 006 Blackjack
-Ibanez RG 470 L (with Dimarzio Megadrive at the bridge, Seymour Duncan Little 59 in the middle und Dimarzio Steve Morse at the neck)
-Jack&Danny JD-LS1-L (Taiwan Les Paul Copy)

Vox Tonelab SE
Peavey Classic 50/50 Power Amp
Marshall 4x12 (with Celestion V60)